The following pictures document the efforts of the Vrinda Family, founded by Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti, to create natural sanctuaries.
Here you will find pictures of the projects either in the making or already finished. Also, some projects which inspired our efforts to create natural sanctuaries are presented here as well.

Natural beauty: Using bamboo, mud, straw, rocks and other natural materials we have tried to make the sanctuaries recyclable and healthy.

"Work with mother nature and not against her" is our principle. You can also find our efforts of discovering natural sanctuaries and honoring them, such as sacred mountains, caves, and special trees.

Sacred architecture is an approach to being ready to assemble and pray with deep regard for the omnipresence of Divine Grace at any time. Visit us and help us to develop further sanctuaries, but first and foremost one in your own heart. Then in your house, garden, and anywhere else it is possible.

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