El Eco Truly Park

It is a beautiful ecological community, artistic and self-sustaining. Where Residents and Volunteers live together based on principles of non-violence which is fundamental. Here, visitors can experience and learn that it is possible to live happily in harmony with nature and with others. 

The architecture and community values ​​is partly inspired by the mystical teachings of India. We have inspired similar successful projects in neighboring countries such as Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia Colombia. 

Not only is a community of homes, but includes: temple, meeting rooms, kitchen for great festivals, stages, etc.. 

Our community is located 19.5 km Highway Serpentin Pasamayo. strategically Chacra y Mar beach, Aucallama district province of Huaral, 1 Hour traveling north of the capital, Lima, the Pasamayo Road, got to the first green beach scene that interrupts the almost endless dunes.

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